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My participation to PhotoMarathons

Photo-Marathon Genua 2016

This page contains my photographic galleries about PhotoMarathons. Indeed, you can find here, grouped by years, my contribution to several PhotoMarathon editions that, together with my Photo-club “STILE” friends, from several years we are use to participate! Photo Marathons are, actually, a funny and challenging way to shot good pictures together, as well as good exercise and having fun opportunity. Don’t worry!!!…you don’t have to run, but only have a lot of fun! So, time to see the pictures:

Florence Photo Marathon (2019)

Florence Photo Marathon (2018)

Work in progress…

Available soon!

Rome Photo Marathon (2017)

Work in progress…

Available soon!

Genua Photo Marathon (2016)

Work in progress…

Available soon!

Bologna Photo Marathon (2015)

If you want to see more, check out the Italia Photo Marathon web site, that is the Association that organizes such events. Look for the next date, you may want to participate!

Italia Photo Marathon is a cultural event that merges photography passion and area promotion. It’s a wole day dedicated to photography, you don’t have to run!


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