Something about me… (Bio)

Hi there, and welcome to my pages!

Just a few words to tell you something about me… a little Bio, hoping not to be too boring. I hope this can help me to share my passion with you: Photography!…

Me and my Rollei 35 (Bio)
Me and my Rollei 35

My name is Pierluigi, and I’m Sardinian from birth (1970), and Tuscany by adoption (1989), but still strongly connected to my homeland. I’m married to Luisa and we have two marvelous children. I’m a full-time employee in a pharmaceutical company, and during my (not much) spare time I follow my real passion: Photography.

My analogic era

I was at University when I got my very first camera, a Vivitar V2000 with 50mm f1.9, still in perfect working order. Since then I have occasionally taken pictures using some friends’ gear, but this one was my first entrance to the photographic world. I remember that I’ve spent two entire days shooting without a film inside, just to understand secrets and find the right feeling with it. Then I finally put a film in the camera and started taking the first pictures (nothing special), but since then I’ve never stopped!

Go to digital, then…

Finally, some years ago, even if I was a little wary, I met digital photography, with a Nikon D700, after a first approach with a Lumix FZ-18 bridge camera. In the meantime, my camera collection grew up with several models, more film than digital actually, even if in recent times film shooting became less frequent. Indeed I take pictures with everything that can do it (even with the phone, why not?…), because I think that Photography is not about the gear.

For sure the reason why I choose a medium or another differs a lot: for challenging and high responsibility jobs (like Weddings, Ceremonies, etc.) digital is better, more comfortable and flexible, whereas for personal projects that evolve over time I think that film still has an edge. Different sensations, different emotions, different timings……and I’m more convinced than ever that in this era we are living, where it all hectic, fast, rushing, and in a snap everything is already past, we have the risk to lose and taste the real values and delight of life, because we have no more time to do it! This is why I think it’s important that we each cut out some time to slow down, lower the beat, breathe, and enjoy some really relax time…… and my bridle (after my Family, of course) it’s Photography.

If you are still there reading this Bio, I think that it’s time to stop using words and give space to Photography, that hope you’ll like and enjoy with.…and don’t forget to give me your feedback, leaving a comment, sharing on social, or dropping me a line on the contact section.