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Agorà di Cult - The Blog of FIAF Cultural Department
Agorà di Cult – The Blog of FIAF Cultural Department

This gallery page is dedicated to my work for the FIAF thematic laboratories called “Lab di Cult”. These Labs, organized by the FIAF Cultural Department, are really thematic laboratories. Every year they change the working theme and they represent a real and rare opportunity of free and spontaneous sharing and collaboration place between photographers, that work on the proposed theme based on their personal taste, style, and interpretation.

How the “Lab di Cult” works…

As soon as you decide to participate in one of the “Lab di Cult” and make in contact with the Coordinator, you can start working on the theme on your own. Afterwards, during the meetings organized by the participating photo clubs, your work, even if only drafted, will be seen and commented by the other participants. At that time, everyone will provide its own opinion and suggestion to improve the work, and these advices can help everyone to go ahead with the work. When the Lab will end, the realized works will be exposed in some of the most important Italian Photographic Festivals. Let’s see the images, then:

The Ephemeral and The Eternal (2019)

The Family in Italy (2018)

If you want to know more, go to visit the FIAF Cultural Department website, that promotes and organizes these Labs. Furthermore, in addition to my galleries, please take a look to all the works realized on the Tuscanian Labs, visible on the Slow-Watching website, under the guidance of the Coordinator Marco Fantechi.

…Seems evident to me that Lab Di Cult is the creative space that smells of freedom and favor relationship between photographers that learn to share its own limits and its own genius.

Il Laboratorio Di Cult – by Silvano Bicocchi

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